Lesson 4 – A Man Who Wanted a New Life

Review: Primary truths we have learned in lesson 1-3

Lesson 1: Man’s most serious problem is _____  (Romans 3:23)

Lesson 2: God’s greatest gift is ______________. (John 3:16)

Lesson 3: Man’s greatest response is _________ and _______. (Mark 1:14-15)

Read carefully John 3:1-21. Then answer the following questions.

1. Name the man who went to see Jesus.

2. It is clear that Nicodemus was:  _____ child ______ adult (choose one)

3. Nicodemus belonged to the ________________. (John 3:1)

Explanation: The Pharisees were a Jewish religious group during the time of Jesus. They were very righteous and strict in obeying the Law of Moses and other regulations which had been added to the Law through the centuries.

4. Nicodemus was a religious person.   True  or  False

5. Although Nicodemus was born into a religious family, Jesus said this was not enough. He said Nicodemus must be ________   _________. (John 3:7)

6. Even though Nicodemus was sincere in his religion, Jesus said that he could not see the _____________   of ________ unless he was born again. (John 3:3)

7. According to John 3:3 can a person go to heaven if he has not been born again?

8. Nicodemus was a good man who practiced many religious rituals, yet he was not a member of God’s Kingdom because he had not been ____   ____. (John 3:3)

9. Did Nicodemus understand about being born again? (John 3:4, 9-10)

Note: The Jews were aware that they were God’s chosen people. From among them God had called prophets, priests, and kings. Also, it was through the Jewish race that God had promised that the Messiah, the Savior of the world, would be born. So the Jews thought they were going to heaven simply because they were Jews.

10. Nicodemus assumed himself to be a part of the Kingdom of God simply because he was born a Jew. Jesus was saying that a second birth was necessary. The second birth is called being born of the __________. (John 3:5)

IMPORTANT: Read John 1:12-13 where it is made clear that a person does not become a child of God by a physical birth, but by believing (trusting) in God.

11. In John 3:4, Nicodemus is speaking about what kind of birth?

12. In John 3:6, Jesus is speaking of two kinds of birth. They are _______ and ________.

13. We would therefore assume that Jesus is speaking about a ______ birth and a ______ birth in John 3:5.

NOTE: The natural physical birth is a water birth because before a baby is born it is encased in water while in the mother’s womb.

14. Jesus was telling Nicodemus that before he could become God’s child he must be born physically (of water) but also that he must be born of the ______. (John 3:5-6)

15. The physical birth is from flesh and the spiritual birth is from the ______. (John 3:6)

16. The source of the physical birth is a human father. The source of the spiritual birth is ____. (John 1:13)

17. John 3:15-16 explains how a person is born again. According to these verses a person is born again through:

      ______ Doing good works.

      ______ Baptism

      ______ Believing in Jesus

(Check only one answer)

18. Why do you think Nicodemus went to see Jesus?

19. We know that Nicodemus was: (check the correct answers.)

      (1) Religious _____

      (2) A bad man _____

      (3) Educated _____

      (4) Searching for truth _____
      (5) In need of the New Birth- _____

20. Is the word baptism found in this story of Nicodemus? If your answer is yes, please give the number of the verse.

21. According to the Bible, everyone who wishes to go to heaven must be born again. True or False.

22. A person who is born again becomes a child of God (a member of God’s Kingdom). This happens when a person _______ Him (Jesus Christ). (John 1:12)

23. How do I receive Christ as my Savior? How can I be born again?

First, there must be an awareness of the sin of unbelief. (Sin is self-rule and rebellion against God’s rule.)

Second, there must be repentance. Repentance is deep sorrow and turning away from sin (self-rule).

Third, by faith you must trust Christ to be your personal Savior and Lord of every area of your life.

24. Before doing the next lesson, memorize John 3:3, 16.

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Summary Questions – Lesson 4

1. According to what you have studied, explain what being born again means.

2. According to what you have studied, what part does the Word of God play in being born again the Bible way?

3. Thinking about what you have learned so far, what question or questions do you have about being born again the Bible way?

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