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Lesson 13 – The Steps to Sin.
Genesis 3:6

In this lesson, we will see the steps that Eve took that led her to disobey God. 

In chapter 2, God told Adam that they could eat from all of the trees in the garden, except one, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In the day they ate of it, they will surely die.

In our last study, we saw that the devil caused Eve to doubt the word of God.  Maybe she began to think, did God really say not to eat of that tree?  Did God really tell the truth?  Can I trust God?  

Yes! God always tells the truth and you can trust God. But Eve was not sure.

In verse 6, we see the steps that led her to sin and disobey God.  These are the same steps that lead us to sin and disobey God too. 

Genesis 3:6 – “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

There are four action words in this verse that we are going to look at.  The first action word is that she “saw”.  There are three things that she saw in this verse. 

First, she saw that the tree was “good for food”. She saw the thing that God had forbidden as something good; there was a good purpose for it.  She thought she had a good reason to disobey.

Second, she saw that it was “pleasant to the eyes”.  Looking at the tree made her feel happy.  It made her feel good. 

Maybe she was thinking, “How could something that makes me happy be wrong?”  Here, she starts to wonder if God is keeping something good from her.  This is the mistake that many people make. 

They look at sin and think that it makes them feel good.  They think that something that feels good could not be wrong.  Maybe they think God is trying to keep something good from them.

Third, she saw the tree was “desired to make one wise”.  She is thinking, “Why did not God create me with more wisdom?  What is God hiding from me?” 

The first step towards sin begins with man looking at what God has forbidden and then finds a good reason to do it anyways.

The second action word is the word “took”. She took of the fruit. This is the next step toward sin. She goes from looking at the tree to taking of the fruit.   

God allowed Adam and Eve to eat of every tree except this one tree.  God kept this tree for Himself.  He said it was His.

Eve decided to take that fruit which belonged to God.  She stole it from God. She saw it, and then she took it.  

Even though Eve looked at the fruit and touched the fruit, she had not yet disobeyed God.   Up to this point, she could have decided to drop the fruit, turn from the lies of the devil and run away.

Sadly, she did not.  The third action word is the word “eat”.  She saw, she took and then she ate. She did what God said not to do.  She disobeyed God.

This is the way sin progresses in our life. We see things that God has forbidden and we begin to think why we should have them.

We then take them to ourselves. We wish to have them and then we make them ours.

The fourth action word is she “gave”.  She was not happy being in sin alone.  She wanted to include her husband and have him disobey God as well.   

Usually, sin does not stop with one person doing wrong.  The one who sins wants to include other people in their sin as well.

This verse shows us the steps to sin.  It starts when she thought why she should have something that God said no to.  Then she took it.  Then she ate it and gave it to her husband.   

If you look at the sin in your life, usually you will see a similar pattern.

In our next lesson, we will see the effects of that sin.  All the evil and suffering in this world is the result of their sin and disobedience to God. 

Our culture, our society, our world today is suffering because of sin.  But the good news is that God made a way for every person to come into a right relationship with Him.


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Questions Lesson 13

1. According to Genesis 3:6, what three things did she see in the forbidden fruit? 
a. Good for ________
b. Pleasant to the ________
c. Desired to make one ________

2. According to Genesis 3:6, what are the four action words in this verse? 
a. She ________
b. She ________
c. She ________
d. She ________

3. According to Genesis 3:6, both Adam refused to eat the forbidden fruit and ran away. 
a. True            
b. False

4. According to this lesson, the first step towards sin begins by thinking why we should have something that God said no to.      
a. True   
b. False

5. According to the Bible, God always tells the truth.   
a. True            
b. False

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