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Lesson 12 – The Devil’s Toolbox. 
Genesis 3:4

The devil has a toolbox with many different tools that he uses to try to turn people away from God.  In this lesson, we will see him use the tools of doubt and denial. 

In verse 1, the devil told Eve, “Yea, hath God said.”  The devil started with the tool of doubt to put distrust into Eve’s mind.  He was telling Eve, “Did God really say that? 

The same thing happens today when people say, “Is the Bible really God’s Word?  How do you know the Bible came from God?”

These are good questions if asked from an honest heart.  However, usually people say those things when they are against God.

The devil started with doubt that you cannot trust what God said. 

Then the devil purposely misquotes what God said.  He said in verse 1, “Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden.” 

He was causing Eve to doubt the accuracy of God’s word saying, “How do you know what Adam told you is really true?”

God told Adam in Genesis 2:17 that he can eat of every tree of the garden, but one tree.  The devil changes God’s word to, “Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden”. 

The issue here is accuracy.  God told Adam he can eat from all trees but one.  The devil misquotes God on purpose and says, “Is it true that God said you cannot eat from every tree?” 

The accuracy issue is the same problem that we have today when people say, “After all these years, how do you know that the Bible is still accurate?”

Then in verses 2 and 3, the woman says to the serpent, “We can eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden.”  But she did not quote God accurately either. 

She left out the words “freely” eat and “every” tree.  Then she added to God’s word the words in verse 3, “Neither shall ye touch it.”  God never said that.

Then she changed God’s word and said, “Lest or unless you die.” God said that you will surely die.  But she changed it from surely you will die to maybe you will die.

Eve added to God’s words, she took some words away, and she changed some words.  Can you see that Eve doubted God’s word?  She was not sure what God really said. 

After using the tool of doubt, the devil uses the second tool of denial.

Genesis 3:4 – “And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:”

Was the devil lying or telling the truth? 

What did God tell Adam would happen if he ate the fruit in Genesis 2:17?  God said, “thou shalt surely die”

God told Adam that he will surely die.  The judgment for sin was sure.  It definitely was going to take place.  But the devil told Eve that she will not die.  He directly opposed what God has said. 

The devil contradicted God.  He said that God was wrong and God lied. 

Then after the devil uses the first tool of doubt, the next tool he used was denial. The devil openly denied what God said.  He was saying that God is wrong and is a liar.

The devil went from doubt to denial.  He uses these same tools today.  Many times he works in a person’s life to get them to doubt the Word of God and then deny what God said.

We must be careful because the devil will try to use these tools in our life.  Let us pay attention to every word of what God says.  Remember that God always tells the truth.  The devil is a liar. 


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Questions Lesson 12

1. According to the Bible, what are the two tools the devil used to tempt Eve to disobey God?
a. __________
b. __________

2. According to the Bible, the devil wants you to believe God.   
a. True    
b. False

3. According to the Bible, the devil wants you to doubt the accuracy of God’s word.  
a. True            
b. False

4. According to Genesis 3:1-3, who quoted God correctly? 
a. Both the devil and Eve
b. The devil only
c. Eve only
d. Neither the devil or Eve

5. According to Genesis 3:1-3, the devil contradicted God’s word.    
a. True
b. False

6. According to the Bible, the devil wants you to believe God’s word.   
a. True     
b. False

7. According to the Bible, the devil always tells the truth.    
a. True      
b. False

8. According to the Bible, God always tells the truth.   
a. True
b. False

9. According to this lesson, it is important to know God’s word for yourself because the devil will try to cause you to doubt and deny the word of God. 
a. True       
b. False

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