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Lesson 08 – God Communicates with Man. 
Genesis 2:16

We learned in Genesis Chapter 1 that God focused on the earth and prepared it for man to live on.  He then created man in His own image. 

In chapter 2, God gives more detail when He made man.  In verse 15, God prepared a garden called Eden for man to live and work.  In this lesson, we are going to focus on the first phrase of verse 16.

Genesis 2:16 – “And the LORD God commanded the man saying…”

Notice that this verse does not start with “And God….” but the words “And the LORD God…”  This verse shows a second name for God. 

We already studied the name God.  The word God means the Almighty One.  He is the mighty God that created all things.  But in this verse, we see another name, the name Jehovah (LORD). 

Jehovah means I AM. He is the one who is always present. He did not create Himself.  He existed before He created the world.  He existed before He created time. 

In the Bible, the name Jehovah is used to show a covenant or an agreement between God and His people.  It is a name that God uses with people who have a relationship with Him.

The two most often used names in the Bible are God and Jehovah.  The word God is His general name by which all people use whether you know Him or not.

However, people who know God and have a relationship with Him use the name Jehovah. This shows that God is a personal God who wants to have a relationship with you.

So, God is the Almighty One who created everything out of nothing and prepared the earth for man to live on, but He also is Jehovah who wants to have a relationship with man.

What is the first action word in this verse?  It is the word “commanded”.  God commanded.  

God did not give Adam, the first man, a suggestion.  This was a command from God.  God is our Creator.  All life comes from God.  He has the right to command us and tell us what to do. 

Although God commanded Adam, he also allowed him to have a choice.  Adam could either choose to obey or he could choose to disobey. 

It is just us today, we are told by God what is the right way.  But God also gives us a choice to obey or to disobey. 

Who did God command?  He commanded the man, Adam.   

At this point, the woman was not yet created.  After God made the woman, it is Adam’s responsibility was to explain God’s command to his wife, Eve.

Likewise, when we receive truth, we have the responsibility of passing it to other people who do not know God’s truth.  We have an obligation to tell others what God has said.

Adam was given the responsibility to pass that truth to his wife after she was created.  We will see in a future lesson that he did tell her about it. 

The last word in this phrase is the word “saying”.  God is speaking to Adam.  Communication is important in any relationship.  Here we see God speaking to Adam.

God could have used an angel to speak to Adam.  He did not.  He could have written the words across the sky for Adam to read.  He did not. 

God spoke with Adam because he had a relationship with Him.

Today, God speaks to us through the Bible.  He desires a relationship with you and wants to communicate with you just as He did with Adam.


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Questions Lesson 8

1. According to the Bible, does God focus his attention on the heavens or on the earth? 
a. Heavens     
b. Earth

2. According to this lesson, what does the name Jehovah mean?  ___________

3. According to the Bible, God was created.     
a. True    
b. False

4. According to the Bible, God existed before time was created? 
a. True            
b. False

5. Which name of God shows a relationship with his people?         
a. God       
b. Jehovah

6. According to Genesis 2:16, what is the first verb?  _______________

7. According to the Bible, God does not have the right to command us and tell us what to do. 
a. True            
b. False

8. According to the Bible, God allows man to have a choice to obey or disobey God. 
a. True            
b. False

9. According to the Bible, we have the responsibility to pass God’s truth to other people who do not know God’s truth.           
a. True            
b. False

10. According to the Bible, how does God speak to us today? 
a. Through dreams      
b. Audible voices       
c. Bible       
d. Through nature

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